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  • Incas

  • 07 hours

  • Sacred Valley of the Incas

Via Ferrata (group Service) & Mountain Bike (Full Day)

  • Level : Moderate
  • Duration :7 hours. 2--3 hours Via Ferrata. 1 hour bike, 2 ½ hike.
  • Location :Sacred ValleySeason. All year round upon request.
  • Activities :Via Ferrata hike, Zip Line and Mountain bike or Hike.
  • Departure :Every day upon request.

Climb throw a Via Ferrata and then a Zip line to go down to the valley, after lunch an easy off road a easy off-road mountain bike ride through the Sacred Valley among agriculture fields, Andean terraces, villages and archaeological sites.


Transfer from your hotel either in Cusco (1:30hrs.) or the Sacred Valley to the Ferrata Route location near Pachar. Here passengers will meet their guides and will be given a safety briefing before receiving their equipment. Ascending will take about 1 hour while descending will take about 3 hours. Boxed lunch included. We will pick you up after lunch and go in direction to Paucarbamba bridge. Here we will receive a safety briefing and will adjust our bikes for the ride. We will go through a trail following the Urubamba river, the Sacred River of the Incas, until we reach the town of Pachar. From here we will take an easy descend through an ancient Inca Trail that passes through farming fields and Inca terraces until we reach Inca bridge and Ollantaytambo, where we finish this awesome ride. Other option is doing this Paucarbamba -- Pachar route by hiking. Note: The Via Ferrata activity would be a group service and is required minimum 2 people and the pick up hour from Cusco is 8:00 am-- 8:30 am approx.


This tour works just during the dry season: April – December.


01. What is a viaferrata?
A via ferrata is a path used to climb a mountain with a safety system permanently installed. It gives the chance to people without any experience in climbing, the opportunity to move through spectacular mountain scenery using a minimum of equipment. The climber is permanently tied to a steel cable that runs through the entire route. It does not usually require any climbing rope. Metal ladders, bridges and similar facilities are used. This helps maintain the physical difficulty of climbing and mix beginners skills while providing access to a very high, and extreme vertical sections of a mountain, that could only be accessible to experienced rock climbers.

02. Who can climb via ferrata?
Anyone who is in good health and physical condition is able to climb via ferrata. The minimum age to climb the Sacred Valley via ferrata is 7 years old. Without exception, via ferrata climbers must always be accompanied by a guide.

03. What kind of equipment is used?
A standard climbing harness, helmet, gloves and a via ferrata lanyard, (double system with strength dissipater especially designed for via ferrata climbers). These elements will be provided by us.

04. Security at via ferrata?
The equipment used allows the person to remain tied to a “life line”, in this case a steel cable. Through the via ferrata lanyard the person can go up securing himself with the carabineers. If a fall occurs, the person will remain tied to the “life line” without any risk. All our guides are mountain guides trained in vertical rescue and ropes.

05. What you need to bring?
Use light clothing and good shoes (tennis, light hiking boots, etc.. No sandals). Note that as you go up the weather will be colder and windier. You can carry extra clothing in a small backpack. Bring at least 1 lt. of water. ZIP LINE

06. What is a zip line or canopy?
A zip line (also known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway) consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley.

07. Who can try the zip-line?
The minimum age for the Sacred Valley Zip Line is 6 years old. We reserve the right to admission to determine whether people are suitable for the zip ine or not. Without exception, the zip--line clients must always be accompanied by a guide.

08. What kind of equipment is it used?
A pelvic harness, helmet, gloves and a zip line kit, (pulley, 3 carabiners, and lanyard) and via ferrata lanyard.

09. Zip Line Security
All paths between lines are equipped with via ferrata systems. The lines are extended, in a way, that people do not need any break system. The person losespeed in the same proportion she or he is getting closer to the end of the line.

10. What do you need to bring?
Use light clothing and comfortable shoes (tennis, light hiking boots, etc… not sandals). Note that as you go up the weather will be colder and windier, you can carry extra clothing in a small backpack. Bring at least 2 lt. of water. Use pants better than shorts.

11. Zip Line Duration
Thirty five minute hike to get to the first line, and 3 to 5 hours zip‑line NOTE: this tour works just during the dry season: April – December.

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