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Between Land and Sea

This tour is absolutely perfect for anybody who would like to have the opportunity to surf on the Pacific coast with a really great surf instructor, who can adapt the lessons as well as to beginners or advanced surfers.

By allowing you to have a bicycle for a full day it is also perfect to enjoy the streets of Lima by your own and its beautiful views, parks, streets, malecon, and coast! Waves are not too big or too small, making it possible an enjoyable surf session for everybody!

Become the ultimate rider: ride the roads and the sea! By your own, Enjoy a full day bike access and one amazing surf class including all the equipment you need such as surfboard, wetsuit and instructor of course.

Bike and Food Tour (Chorrillos) :

This is our best-selling tour that Lima Bici can offer you! The combination of a bike tour, a boat tour and different kinds of traditional food, tasting with a delicious craft beer makes of this tour a truly unforgettable moment!

Your local guide will lead you to different great places to try the best specialities that Lima has to offer!

During this tour which can be qualified as the most complete one, you will enjoy during nothing less than 5 hours a guided tour on a bicycle with complete equipment, a visit of the fisherman's market, a 20 minutes’ boat trip around the cost of Miraflores, some delicious traditional dishes such as ceviche (fisherman’s market), trio de causa, an organic passion fruit cake or homemade ice cream, a street art tour of some “murals” of Barranco and of course some exclusive tips from your local guide!

This is the perfect tour for anybody who would like to experience as much as possible of what Lima has to offer in a relatively short time!

Bike and Food Tour (Barranco) :

If you like to taste and discover different dishes and flavors from the locals eat in picturesque and original places, this is the tour for you.
We started in Miraflores and headed to the “Malecón” where we’ll enjoy the spectacular view of the Bay of Lima, then we are going to try the “best dish in the world” in 2014 «Ceviche», after that we continue to delight in more local places some of the Main dishes from Peru like «Trio de causas»; We continue the adventure in a third place, where we will try another of the famous dishes of our country, «lomo saltado», please don’t worry, there is no dessert forgotten, you can choose between a homemade ice cream or some "picarones" (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, clove and cinnamon), sweet and delicious, finally some craft beers will be waiting for us to start the way back.

Bohemian and Beach Tour :

If you like special places, freedom and artist areas, you would LOVE this tour. This tour is full of amazing views and great places where to stop, relax and chill to take some time to appreciate one of the most beautiful and bohemian districts of Lima.
During this tour, you will enjoy one of the first 20 best boardwalk in the world, while we are heading to the bohemian part of the city, Barranco, here we can enjoy a nice trip through the old train lines, see the old wood bridge “Bridge of sights”, then we continue to enjoy one of the best dishes in the world “ceviche” complete fresh, in a see view restaurant, and on our way there we can probably see an old monk jumping right from the cliff, remembering an old love history (1860), between Clarita Marques’s daughter, and Francisco, housekeeping ‘son, he jumps from the cliff went her father was taking here away to another different country then she jumps too from the boat, both die...

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